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Linwoods Milled Flax, Chia Seed, Apple & Cinnamon 200g

Category : Home & Kitchen

$23.95 $29.94

Sold By: D S Limited

  • High in Omega 3 fatty acids
  • No added sugar & gluten free
  • Rich source of fibre & manganese

SKU: 26072020328

Linwoods Flax, Chia, Apple And Cinnamon -Flaxseed and Chia are two of nature’s wonder seeds that provide you with a natural source of Omega 3 (ALA) and dietary fibre. The addition of Cinnamon and Apple offer their own unique and tasty twist to this blend. Flax and Chia are high in Dietary Fibre while the addition of Apple delivers immune supporting Vitamin C. Cinnamon provides both magnesium, which plays a role in normal muscle and nervous system function, and manganese, an antioxidant mineral that helps protect cells from oxidative stress and contributes to normal energy metabolism.

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